Winco Full Size Steam Table Pan

Winco Full Size Steam Table Pan

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The Winco SPJH-102 full-sized steam table pan is designed with beveled walls. This prevents the pan from jamming when stacked with other full-sized pans, enabling kitchens to stay organized and efficient. The pan is made of heavyweight stainless steel, ensuring that it won't bend, and it has a depth of 21⁄2 inches.


The Winco SPJH-104 full-sized steam table pan can be used to store food in the back of the house or to hold buffet items in a serving line. It's made of heavyweight, 22-gauge stainless steel, so the edges won't bend, ensuring it fits securely in standard steam tables. Its sides have an anti-jamming design, so the pan won't stick to other pans in storage.


With the Winco SPJH-106 steam table pan, kitchens can store foods in cold, ambient, and hot temperatures. It is full-sized, suiting it for applications involving large quantities of food, and its sides are designed to prevent jamming, which facilitates efficient storage. The pan is made of heavyweight stainless steel, which provides increased resistance to dents and corrosion.

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