Ice-O-Matic Ice and Water Dispenser - 180 Pound

Ice-O-Matic Ice and Water Dispenser - 180 Pound

SKU: CD40130
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Only 30" wide. Storage 180 lbs of ice per day. Turbo dispense dispenses 1/4 lbs of ice per second. Power Clean allows access to the bin for easy cleaning without moving the ice machine. Interlock safety switch turns off machine agitation when top-front access panel is removed. 4" foam insulation for maximum ice preservation - no more quick melting ice. Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic. Great for hard water, food safety and tight spaces. Ultra-low profile design. Maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space. User friendly push-to-dispense operation. Available with water glass filler.

Warranty: 3 year parts & labor limited warranty

Model #: CD40130

Dimensions: 73.25 (h) x 30.0 (l) x 33.5 (w)

Voltage: 115/60/1