Hobart Door-Type Dish Machine - Low Temperature

Hobart Door-Type Dish Machine - Low Temperature

SKU: LT1-1
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All stainless steel construction including tank, chamber, doors, and frames. 37 racks per hour. 1.9 gallons per rack. 120°F minimum water temperature, 140°F recommended. Field adjustable from straight to corner operation. Door cycle switch controls machine operation. Initial fill manual; auto fill after first cycle. All doors raise and close together and are guided for ease of operation. Solenoid operated positive seating drain valve, open and closed; no water waste. Top mounted detergent, sanitizer, and rinse additive pumps. High pressure, all stainless steel wash/rinse arms. Voltage: 120/60/1. 1 HP, 3400 RPM pump motor, 45 GPM. Self-flushing stainless steel pump strainer; large scrap accumulator. Deliming cycle. Standard warranty - 1-Year parts, labor & travel time during normal working hours within the USA

Model #: LT1-1

Dimensions: 69.0 (h) x 28.7 (l) x 28.0(w)

Voltage: 120/60/1