Hobart Centerline Undercounter Dish Machine

Hobart Centerline Undercounter Dish Machine

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Centerline Dishwasher, undercounter, 24 racks per hour. .84 gallons of water per rack. Hot water sanitizing. Top-mounted user interface with digital temperature display. 2-minute cycle with optional extended cycle. 14.46" door opening. Snap-in, revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash & rinse arm; low-profile, single-arm design. Sense-a-Temp ensures 180°F final rinse. Integrated booster heater capable of 70°F rise. Removable, 3-part stainless steel scrap screen. Soft start. Automatic pumped drain. Automatic fill. Service diagnostics with error notifications. Delime notification and cycle. Chemical pumps standard. Electric tank heat. Two dishracks - one peg and one combination type. Energy Star certified. Standard warranty - 1-Year parts, labor & travel time during normal working hours within the USA.

Model #: CUH-1

Dimensions: 32.30 (h) x 20.9 (l) x 24.0 (w)

Voltage: 208V